Ktube.live is an online free video hosting platform.

As censorship and demonetization have increased across all platforms along with the removal of content creators over political beliefs (Anti China or Pro President Trump) Ktube.live is a platform that will act as an alternative for youtube and will provide complete freedom of speech and expression without the fear of demonetization or de-platforming.

The platform is to cater to the needs of conservative content creators and content creators that are anti-China, that are constantly being demonetized or de-platformed and are at the mercy of Youtube on what can or cannot be monetized. As this platform is to promote free speech we will not be demonetizing any videos and any video that has to be removed from the platform will be done through court orders or by the users themselves.

No pornography and Anti-India content to be posted on our platform.

The site is active from Sep 13th 2020 onwards.

To get an invite to add your content to Ktube kindly email us at Ktube.live@outlook.com